Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Comedy Laughs in the Face of Death

What kind of show is the year's big new hit? A comedy.
What kind of show gained the most viewers this year? A comedy.

Whether you use MODERN FAMILY or GLEE, the two hits of the year both bill themselves as comedy. Granted the former is a mockumentary and the latter is an hour-long, but they are both comedies as much as BIG BANG THEORY, which has gained more viewers in the past year than any other show. I can't quote the numbers on that, but the show has exploded in the time slot behind TWO AND A HALF MEN. Even if NCIS has gained more viewers than BIG BANG, I'd argue that NCIS gained viewers from it's character-based humor and not it's procedural stories.

Television comedy ain't dead. Though since it's flourishing during tough economic times, it does have a morbid sense of humor.

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